Hear it from them - we are making a real difference!

We've created these short videos to exhibit the value Sports Chaplaincy adds to New Zealand's sporting communities. These are testimonials straight from the clubs, schools, and sports organisations.

Basketball is Calling!

Through stress, pressure, loss, and victory, Sports Chaplains are present.

Hear from Shane Auld (Southland Sharks chaplain), Chris Homer (Otago Nuggets chaplain), and a few other names in Basketball Otago and Southland.

Variation of support.

We are in all levels of sport - community club, corporate, and elite.

Hear from Teina-Marie (Southland Touch chaplain), Sarah Auld (ILT Stadium Southland chaplain), and Shane Auld (Southland Sharks chaplain.

A different world.

All sport needs wellbeing support, even those who hoon around a dirt track!

Hear from Kel Fowler (Beachlands Speedway chaplain) down in Dunedin, and the impact he is having by being present, being genuine, and taking time for everybody.

Get in the Game!

Are you curious about becoming a Sports Chaplain? We want to hear from you!

Are you already on the sidelines as a parent, supporter, or ex-athlete? You'd make a great Sports Chaplain! Get the ball rolling and give us a bell.

Adding Value in Waikato.

Sports Chaplaincy is growing in the Waikato, in clubs, teams and schools.

Melville United AFC, Thames Valley RFU, Cambridge referees, St Paul's Collegiate and St Peter's Cambridge. Hear from Phil Pawley, our National Director, and a few sporting partners.

School Sports Chaplaincy.

We have Sports Chaplains in schools all across New Zealand.

Hear from Wayne Douglas (St Paul's Collegiate chaplain) and the feedback he's been given on how he is making a difference in many young people's lives.

A Sports Chaplain's impact.

Sports Chaplains provide support in many ways during the toughest experiences.

This video tells a story when Sports Chaplain, Matt Hawkins, was called upon to lead a blessing ceremony at the AUT Millennium Institute after a tragic death in the pool.

Rugby needs us.

Kelson Boys 1st XV is thriving and we hear they've got a great support system!

Hear from Enroy Talamahina (Kelson Boys 1st XV chaplain) and how much enjoys being part of the wellbeing journey of the rugby boys at Kelson Boys High School.

BNZ Breakers chaplaincy.

In an elite sporting environment, the challenges are bigger than ever.

Hear from Grant Harris (BNZ Breakers chaplain), and the unique support style he brought to the table for these elite basketball players in Auckland.