National Office

The National Office are responsible for the day-to-day running of Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand.

Backed by a board of Directors, the National Office ensure smooth running of operations, offer high quality communication both internally and externally, implement strategies, and aim to achieve all organisation objectives. They also guide the Regional Leadership team in their approach to leading their Sports Chaplains. They offer resources, support, and aid in training and communicating with their local chaplains, clubs, and churches.

Phil Pawley
National Director

Matt Hawkins
Operations & Training

Michaela Jameson

Regional Leaders

Backed by our National Team, our Regional Leaders have extensive knowledge and wisdom around chaplaining and pastorally caring for New Zealand’s sporting community.

They also have a strong understanding of the life challenges New Zealand athletes and supporters face, and they work closely with clubs and teams to improve the team culture, over all wellbeing of the team, and help everyone in their sporting community balance social and life pressures.

Our Regional Leaders are present and will work with you to understand your team culture and build relationships.

Jacolize Becker
Auckland North

Willie Bryant
Central North Island

Wes Smith
Wellington & Tasman

Rodney Read

Shane Auld
Otago & Southland

Sarah Auld
Otago & Southland

SCNZ Ambassadors

Dotted around Aotearoa, our Ambassadors support our Regional Leaders by taking the load off connecting with chaplains and spreading the word of SCNZ.

They have a strong sense of who we are and what we do, and take a few Sports Chaplains near them under their wing to guide and support them in their placements. Our Ambassadors present in churches, promote SCNZ, and also serve as Sports Chaplains themselves.

Murray Hunt

Dave Odumesi
Hawke's Bay

Chris Lee

Jono Homer

SCNZ Board

Kevin Prewett – Chairperson

Rangiaruaru Hema - Treasurer

Euan Philpott

Phil Pawley

Prisca Pieters

Rebecca Blyth

Ruth Tuiraviravi

Tamiaho Searancke