We would love to have you on board!

Maybe you’re already signed up, maybe you’re still curious, but how do you actually become an accredited Sports Chaplain, and what does our training actually look like?

After meeting in person (coffee is usually involved) and getting to know you more, we offer two ways to complete our training:
Option 1: a blended learning experience with an online course covering 22 topics and a 1 day workshop, and cohort Zoom meetings to connect with other trainees.
Option 2: including Sports Chaplaincy training in an NZQA programme of study. This is fee-based and builds upon option one by diving deeper into the themes and topics run by Carey Theological College.

After training, the accreditation process starts (endorsement from your church, police vetting, signing our code of conduct), and then we support you in finding a placement for your Sports Chaplaincy journey to begin!

​​​​​​​Becoming an SCNZ accredited ​​​​​​​Sports Chaplain is a 3-step process:


This interview is with the Regional Leader or staff member closest to you. We love a coffee and a slice, and we just want to get to know you well! We also want you to get to know us!


Option 1 is mandatory, covers 22 topics and an in-peson workshop.
Option 2 is further study integrating Sports Chaplaincy training into NZQA programmes.

Due Diligence

We just have to tick all the boxes, cross all our t's and dot all our i's. This ensures we are providing the very best of the best for Aotearoa's sporting communities.


This is with the Regional Leader or staff member closest to you. We are looking for those who share our vision and kaupapa, who are motivated with the capacity to serve and care for people in sport, and who we believe will be welcomed within the sporting community.

Training - SCNZ offers two training options:

Option One is mandatory and covers all foundational material needed to become an SCNZ accredited Sports Chaplain. This a blended learning experience with an online course covering 22 topics and 1 1/2 day Workshop. The online component takes approximately 20 hours to complete.

Option Two is for those who want to include their Sports Chaplaincy training into an NZQA programme of study. This option builds upon Option One by examining in greater detail the themes and topics presented in Option One. Option Two is a fee-based, 15 credit elective course run by Carey Theological College for the Certificate in Christian Ministry. 

Due Diligence - requirements are:​​​​​​​

- New Zealand Police Vetting

- Church leadership's endorsement

- Signing SCNZ’s Code of Conduct; and

- Completion interview with a SCNZ Regional Leader or staff.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​SCNZ Accreditation is valid for two years and is renewable provided the Sports Chaplain is utilising their accreditation and continues to meet due diligence requirements.

Sports Chaplaincy Training

2024 Online Training Dates
Each cohort journeys together through the course through attending online meetings and discussions during the period of the course. Online meetings and discussions give trainees opportunity to meet others in the course, encourage one another and share learnings. Working together each cohort has 3 months to complete the course.

Expressions of interest are being taken for the 2024 training cohorts.

Cohort 4 starts: 19 August 2024
(expressions of interest close 12 August 2024)

The online course fee is $50, payable at start of the course.

2024 Workshop Dates​​​​​​​

Auckland: 10 August 2024
Venue: TBC
Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm


Interested in becoming a Sports Chaplain?
We would really love to hear from you, we have a huge need for more Sports Chaplains throughout our nation!